PT. Tirtakreasi Amrita was founded on November 16, 1987 in Jakarta. It started to sell Water Filter (Small Sand & Carbon Filter) for domestic usage.


In 1989 our company had built the first Water Treatment Plant for the industry in Belawan, North Sumatera. 


In 2012 we had celebrated our 25th  and in 2016 we had celebrated our 29th birthday with outbound training in Lampung



          25th Anniversary of PT. Tirtakreasi Amrita                      29th Anniversary of PT. Tirtakreasi Amrita



Now having installed over 230 treatment plants in over 30 years from Banda Aceh to Merauke and also outside Indonesia, we are in a position to offer treatment plants in equipment and treatment plants on turnkey basis for various kinds of Water, Waste Water and MSW (Municipal Solid Waste).


During the three decades PT. Tirtakreasi Amrita had mastered the market with up and down as the business’s cycles were and stayed firm in the lead position as it should be. We are facing the future with confidence, since we have regenerated our selves and are always updated our technologies with the newest one.


Some of our competitors were gone and some new were coming, but we did not care, because we had our advantages in efficient design, quality and reliability.

PT. Tirtakreasi Amrita belongs to the leader of Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants in Indonesia.


Our Vision is To Be The Best Water & Waste Water Contractor In Indonesia


Our Mission is To Build An Efficient And A Proper Treatment Plant