One Stop Solution to Your Water & Waste Problem !

As an experience established company we can identify the customer’s needs clearly and prepare the best offer to solve your water & waste water’s problems.

Our well trained engineers had mastered more than 200 EPC water & waste water projects from Banda Aceh to Merauke in Indonesia and outside Indonesia in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Nigeria and Vietnam since 1989.

We provide one stop solution, since we can handle to process your raw water to clean or potable or process water up to ultra-pure water and also to treat your waste water to fulfill the government standard and to recycle it to be reused as clean or potable or process water.

With our multi years experiences we can offer the best method and solution to all your water problems with a competitive offer price and an efficient operational cost.

PT. Tirtakreasi Amrita has always updated and improved the technology applied in the water and waste water treatment process, so that we offer a proper and an efficient treatment plant.

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