Please do not hesitate to choose us as your Water and Wastewater specialist !


Since 1989 we have built more than 200 treatment plants for water and wastewater and most of them were on a turnkey basis. Our technicians and engineers are willing and ready to work in every part of Indonesia in rural and remote areas and outside Indonesia.

We can provide “one-stop shopping” for our clients since we do; problem identification, sample analysis, site survey, design & engineering, plant erection, construction, equipment supply & installation, and commissioning.

Some of Our projects :

 Water Treatment 

Water treatment plant Indofood water treatment Super Silica Semesta

                                INDOFOOD – FID                                                                              SUPER SILICA SEMESTA - SERANG


water treatment Medco Papua                                              

                             MEDCO PAPUA – MERAUKE                                                            SUGAR LABINTA – LAMPUNG


Wastewater Treatment Plant in Indonesia

Wastewater ASIETEX SINAR INDOPRATAMA  wastewater treatment plant PT. Beverindo Indah Abadi                                            



wwtp Sinar Sosro  wastewater treatment CS2 - Pandaan                                            

                                SINAR SOSRO – BALI                                                                                           WWTP CS2 – PANDAAN


wastewater treatment Bentoel  wastewater treatment CS2 Tangerang                                            

                               BENTOEL – MALANG                                                                                          WWTP CS2 – TANGERANG


Benefits of Wastewater Treatment for Industry

1. Environmental protection: Untreated wastewater can pollute rivers, lakes, and oceans, harming aquatic life and contaminating the water supply for human consumption. By treating wastewater, we can reduce the negative impact on the environment.

2. Resource conservation: Water is a finite resource, and it is essential to recycle and reuse it whenever possible. Treating wastewater allows us to do this, rather than constantly using new freshwater sources.

3. Public health: Untreated wastewater can contain pathogens and other contaminants that can harm human health. By treating wastewater, we can reduce the risk of waterborne diseases and other health problems.

4. Economic benefits: Treating wastewater can be expensive, but it can also provide economic benefits. For example, treated wastewater can be used for irrigation, industrial cooling, and other purposes, saving businesses and industries money on the cost of fresh water.