Please do not hesitate to choose us as your Water and Wastewater specialist !

We provide one-stop shopping

As a local established company, we can identify the customer's need clearly and prepare the best offer to suit it. This is one of our advantages. Other advantages are our experiences and well-trained engineers, who have conducted work from Banda Aceh to Merauke and outside Indonesia and are dedicated to assisting and solving your water and waste problems.

Our in-house engineers have the following capabilities in:

  • Design & engineering.

  • Construction.

  • Project Management.

  • Equipments Supply and Installation.

  • Commissioning and personnel training.

  • Operation and maintenance of treatment plants.

  • Total water management (plant optimizing and energy saving program).

  • Water supply provider.

  • Total waste management.

Do not hesitate to select us as your Water treatment and Wastewater specialist!